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Loops Pierced Ears

Loops Pierced Ears
Loops Pierced Ears
Reference : COLLECMING
Loops pierced ears. Rod ''Gold Filled'' 14 carat. Pendant enamel. Design ming. Handmade.
Definition of ''Gold Filled''

Gold Filled is not very well known in Europe as rather commercialized addition Atlantic. Gold filled is composed of a thickness of solid gold compressed with heat and pressure in a base of another metal such as brass.

By definition, éstampillé LM jewelry gold content must be equal to at least 1/20th of the total weight of the object, which leads us away from the gold plated. However the plated comparison cannot be unique because it varies greatly by manufacturer, but Gold-Filled jewelry are 50 to 100000 times thicker than the plated gold.

Gold Filled high quality parts have appearance, brilliance and nobility of solid gold, which is the case of large watchmaking manufactures.